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“The latest self-help hit in the U.S.”Daily Mail UK

Push your business further with the Entrepreneur Edition. It’s 36 unique suggestion cards (30 cards with 6 alternatives) designed to expand your comfort zone and your business.

Gather up courage and new business with Rejection Therapy. It’s the revolutionary confidence building game – now for entrepreneurs!

How to Buy Rejection Therapy

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For information on availability of Rejection Therapy, contact Jason Comely or sign up for the emailer.

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Rejection is Success with Rejection Therapy®

“A New Game Taking America By Storm”
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Rejection Therapy. The Game

Rejection Therapy® is the real life game with one rule. The game is designed for anyone who wants to build confidence and overcome fear of rejection.

Rejection Therapy will show you how rejection can be an exciting and positive experience.

Suggestion Cards

Rejection Therapy comes in three flavours: Classic Edition for beginners, Blue Pill Edition for tougher challenges and Entrepreneur Edition for sales and marketing.

Each edition is available as a digital printable PDF (see sidebar) and as a physical deck of cards that can be purchased at The Game Crafter.

Five Deck Deal: Free shipping when you buy five decks of the original Rejection Therapy Classic. This is not the new and improved version but the first run. Supplies are very limited.

Rejection Therapy Worldwide

People all around the world are playing Rejection Therapy and enjoying personal breakthroughs.  Now it’s your turn. Take the Rejection Therapy 30 Day Challenge today!

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