Experiments in Rejection Therapy: Photos of Strangers


Ever ask a perfect stranger for their photograph? It takes a lot of courage, which is why it’s been a popular rejection attempt from the start.

For those strangers that agree to the snapshot, it’s a failed rejection attempt, but the photos are interesting, if not gorgeous. It’s a win/win.

Top Photo: Rejection Therapy player Tiffani Sant Bearup catches an Israelian Pirate on the streets of San Francisco. Please visit her website FreePlayLife.

Bottom Left: Film Script Writer Tee N-guy failed to get a rejection from this cowboy.

Middle:Kate Kjorvestad Mittelstadt, on her rejection attempt experience: “Awkward moment in an elevator…I asked…he said yes, to my surprise.”

Bottom Right: Craig Bush is going for 20 photos of strangers. Read more about his Street Portrait Project and visit his Flickr profile for more inspiring photography.

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