Overcome Any Problem with this Simple Strategy

Mountain Climber

The highest point on planet earth is the top of Mount Everest, an elevation of 29,028 feet. The air up there is deprived of oxygen. It’s also cold, 150 degrees below zero kind of cold.

If you plan on climbing Mount Everest, plan on constant fatigue and bad frostbite – with a side order of hypothermia. The swirling winds, at near-hurricane strength, have trapped climbers and made them permanent fixtures of the mountain [Warning: Graphic images].

Since 1953, at least 165 brave climbers were left dead in that icy hell. Which makes it all the more amazing how 33 year old Erik Weihenmayer made it to the top of the Earth.

Erik is blind.

Here’s how he did it, in his own words:

“I just kept thinking . . . keep your mind focused. Don’t let all that doubt and fear and frustration sort of get in the way. Just take each day step by step.”

Such simple advice. Take each day step by step.  Any challenge can be overcome with this strategy.

Whatever your personal Everest is, it will be a difficult climb. It will take time. It may seem impossible, but all you need to remember is to put one foot in front of the other.

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