What I Learned From Getting Rejected Everyday for a Month [VIDEO]

Jason Shen gives a great  presentation at Ignite San Francisco and retells three memorable rejections from his 30 Day Rejection Therapy Challenge experience.

You can read about Jason Shen’s adventures in Rejection Therapy at his blog The Art of Asskicking.

Rejection Therapy Classic Edition


Push your comfort zone with CLASSIC EDITION

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Rejection is Success with Rejection Therapy

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Rejection Therapy. The Game

Rejection Therapy™ is the real life game with one rule. The game is designed for anyone who wants to build confidence and overcome fear of rejection.

Rejection Therapy will show you how rejection can be the catalyst for personal success and business domination.

Suggestion Cards

Rejection Therapy comes in three flavours: Classic (physical card deck is available at The Game Crafter), Entrepreneur and Blue Pill Edition. These cards are not essential to the game but handy for motivation and direction.

iPhone / Android / BlackBerry Apps

Rejection Therapy is available on the iPhone, for both the Classic Edition and the Blue Pill Edition. There’s also a Rejection Therapy Android app.

Note: iPhone app developer wanted for revenue-sharing arrangement. Contact Jason Comely for details.

A BlackBerry 10 app is a priority and planned for release in 2014.

Rejection Therapy Worldwide

People all around the world are playing Rejection Therapy and enjoying personal breakthroughs.  Now it’s your turn. Take the Rejection Therapy 30 Day Challenge today!

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