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It was a fall afternoon and the sun made the leaves on the trees glow like embers. A perfect day for a drive to a nearby city to visit an old friend.

Or so Sam thought.

As he drove to the main road, he felt out of sync with the streets. The traffic was brisk and bumper to bumper. Drivers honked at Sam when the stoplight turned green and he hesitated for a second before stepping on the gas.

Merging on the freeway wasn’t any more forgiving, nor was the highway drive. Cars passed him from the left and right, pushing inches from his bumper. The driver behind him tailed dangerously close. It was as if everyone washed down a fistful of quaaludes with an energy drink cocktail before their commute home for the weekend. Everyone except slowpoke Sam, that is.

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When the off ramp for Barrie bound travelers zipped by, Sam switched on his signal and glanced side to side for an opening, then scanned the rear view mirror, side to side again, back to the rear view mirror.

A bead of sweat streamed across his eyeglasses. Another drop. His shirt was drenched. The drivers around him stayed locked in place.  All eyes were fixated on the road ahead. Mesmerized.

The sheer momentum of the traffic was too much for Sam and the swift current of metal, rubber and gleaming glass swept him 100 miles upstream before he could turn around.

Mainstream culture has the same effect on us. The pressure is to move with the crowd, switch on the cruise control, go with the flow.

You are supposed to believe what you are told. Buy until you’re pacified like a baby.

When we surrender to the powerful currents of materialism and the status quo, we become the current.  

Will you resist the powerful currents of conformity, or will you be swept away?


I don’t normally watch TV but caught this commercial at the gym I work out at. It’s a less serious jab at how we tend to “stay with the herd”.

P.S. I don’t endorse, nor am I a customer of Ally Bank or their services.



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