What qualifies as success at Rejection Therapy?

You succeed when you no longer obey your fear of rejection. You’ll feel the fear and do it anyway. You will know for yourself that rejection is not a devastating event to be avoided at all cost but the mother of success, and that fear has hidden this truth from you.

Find out what counts as rejection and what doesn’t in Rejection Therapy.

What qualifies as failure at Rejection Therapy?

You do nothing, and continue living the life you are now.

Does having success at Rejection Therapy mean you no longer fear rejection?

No. Success at Rejection Therapy is accomplished when rejection feels like success, not like failure. The point is to hardwire your brain to take action, to “go for it” as the default. Maybe it’s time to break those crippling and imprisoning patterns that are holding you back. Rejection Therapy can help.

What is it about comfort I need to relearn? Isn’t comfort good?

Comfort is highly overrated for individuals who want to progress in life. Answer these questions as honestly as you can:

Do you associate comfort with happiness?

Is your daily routine “rigged” with compliance and efficiency?

Would you rather be in familiar environments?

If you answered yes to these questions, your comfort zone may be more like a cage you can’t escape from, than a safe place you can retreat to. If you retreat to familiar settings as a default, and feelings of emptiness pervade your life, then comfort is what is holding you back.

From now on, think of comfort as the enemy of your personal progress.

First you say comfort is bad for me. Now you say being rejected is good?

Yes. Rejection, when not taken personally, can be instructive and character building. Placing yourself in a position where being rejected is a real possibility also opens a portal to possibilities that could not exist otherwise.

What is not good is the fear of rejection.

Again, answer the following question as honestly as you can: has the fear of rejection ever denied you of new friends, relationships and opportunities?

The fear of rejection keeps us from breaking through to our true potential. The fear of rejection tries to keep us from receiving what people would happily give us, if only we ask for it.

Obeying the fear of rejection and retreating into our comfort zone merely puts you into suffering debt. The fear you pawned off becomes regret and lack.

Choose your master. Obey the fear and deal with feelings of regret for (possibly) the rest of your life, or choose rejection.

Make your decision now. Decide to take rejection over regret and lost opportunity.

Burn the decision into your psyche. Make opting for rejection instinctive, so that you bypass fear altogether. Rejection Therapy will help you do this.

I’m using the Rejection Therapy cards, but there is a suggestion I don’t want to do / know how to implement. What should I do?

The suggestion on the card is a hint, an idea. Fill in the rest with whatever context you are in and what you think you can manage (and still be out of your comfort zone) and make it happen.

And remember, when making a rejection attempt, it’s important to go after things you want. Because you might just get it.

Being rejected means I was courageous and availed myself to new opportunities. Is it good for me to reject others?

No. Do not reject others for no apparent reason, thinking that you are doing them a favour. You’re not. People don’t know what you know. Please – treat everyone with love and acceptance, to the best of your ability.



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