Time to Get Rejected: Rejection Therapy for Android

24 Live Another Day

Today was the launch of the Rejection Therapy Android app. It adds a new element to the game play called “Consequences”.

What consequences does is add a little extra incentive for you to make the rejection attempt.

After selecting a card from the card list, you’re prompted with the following:

Rejection Therapy app

Essentially, you can set it up so that you have only 24 hours to get rejected. Like the TV series 24, except instead of racing against the clock to thwart terrorist plots, you’re racing against the clock to thwart terror!

Fail and you agree to wave a tearful goodbye to $1 or $5 as a sort of penance. It’s designed to help you hold yourself accountable.

Try it. If Consequences doesn’t get you jacked and racing around town like a lunatic, contact me and I’ll refund your money.


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