Rejection Gym

100 Days of Rejection changed Jia’s life, and transformed him from a timid and socially awkward person to someone who can ask anything from anyone at anytime. Now he wants to take the rejection training experience to not just himself, but everyone who wants to expand his/her comfort zone.

Therefore, he is developing a 30-day online course in which he will hold people’s hands to walk down the same path that he walked, and to learn the truth and secret about using rejections to improve themselves and achieve their purpose. It will be challenging and paradigm shifting.

The course beta launched this past August, and our next session is coming up soon. We are looking for trainees who have the desire to improve themselves and the courage to try something unconventional. If you would like to become one of the first ever group of people to go through the Rejection Gym training course, sign up here.

Jia Getting Rejected
The course will include:

  • Daily rejection challenges guided by Jia
  • Daily learning sessions given by Jia
  • Group sharing sessions
  • Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Jia
  • Much more

Attendees will have a chance to:

  • Kick fear’s butt
  • Learn how to get past ‘NO’
  • Learn how to get more ‘YES’
  • Overcome inertia and move toward their goals and purpose

Not Getting RejectedRequirements:

  • 18 years of age
  • Being willing to challenge him/herself to be uncomfortable
  • Sharing his learning and experiences with Jia and others

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