Rejection Therapy Game

Rejection Therapy Game – Blue Pill Edition



Product Description

“My social life has been booming since Rejection Therapy!” K. Smith


NEW and IMPROVED. Changes include:

  • Some cards were replaced with more daring suggestions
  • Other cards reworded for greater clarity
  • Includes a blank card so you can write your own challenge

Go further down the rabbit hole with the Rejection Therapy Blue Pill Edition. It’s 30 ways to get rejected, while facing your fears and creating new opportunities, relationships and experiences.

Try Rejection Therapy today. It’s the simplest yet hardest game in the world.



This license allows you to use Blue Pill Edition on an individual, personal basis. If you’d like to use Blue Pill Edition for public performances, group activities, seminars, training sessions or conferences, you’ll need to purchase an Unlimited License (available soon!).