Let’s Be Honest with Ourselves

Photo by Will Temple

I clearly remember the moment. It was a lonely Friday night. I was in front of my computer, my mind lost in introspection when the awful realization hit me that I was afraid of rejection.

Strange how this was such a huge revelation for me. The person I thought I was —an independent lone wolf who didn’t need the acceptance of others – was complete fiction. This self-deception (or was it willful blindness?) caused me years of unnecessary anxiety and frustration.

I wasn’t even aware of my own self-denial. I only knew that something was terribly wrong with me. If only there was something like Critical Stimulus back then…

Critical Stimulus is my latest product: a simple psychoanalytical tool and personality test. It’s based on word association experiments by psychologist Carl Jung. It uncovers unconscious fears, hidden agendas, self-denial, guilt, unresolved personal issues and much more.

If there is an emotional-psychological disturbance exerting invisible control over your life, Critical Stimulus will shine a spotlight on it. Results will always be personal and highly sensitive. As such, it’s important to only use Critical Stimulus with people you trust.

Read the straight-forward instructions, test yourself or someone else, and you’ll see what I mean.

Critical Stimulus is now available as a physical card deck (100 cards and instruction book) and as a printable PDF version.


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