FREE Shipping with the Rejection Therapy 5iver

Rejection Therapy Classic Edition, 5 pack

While inventory lasts, Rejection Therapy Classic Edition is available in packs of five (5) dedicated card decks. Each deck contains 30+ suggestion cards and instructions inside a shrink-wrapped tuck box.

Here are the advantages of  the 5iver deck deal:

  • No charge shipping anywhere on the planet. That’s major savings to buying it any other way
  • Serves as a training tool for classes, support groups and boot camps
  • Rejection Therapy multiplayer mode can be ridiculously fun

Five Rejection Therapy card decks are regularly priced at $79.95 USD – not including shipping and handling. You pay only $55.55 when you purchase the 5iver, and the cost of shipping and handling is on me..

Orders are shipped airmail, same day. Supplies are limited. If you have any questions, please email Jason Comely.

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                PRINTABLE PDF

               BLUE PILL EDITION
                PRINTABLE PDF

              ENTREPRENEUR ED.
                PRINTABLE PDF

            ALL THREE EDITIONS            $20.00
             100+ REJECTIONS!
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