Escape Your Past and Future: Here’s Three Ways to Do It

Escape Your Past

Photo by Frank Kovalchek

Yesterday I came across a blog with an neat concept. It’s an experiment in living mindfully.

Every hour the writer (and I’m not sure if the writer is a him or a her) is reminded by a watch chime to take in the moment mindfully. He or she then documents it on the blog.

The site is full of such moments, although it’s been discontinued since July 27th of 2010. Perhaps the experiment is over?

A method I use is a simple one word text message which pops up on my iPhone screen several times a day. The word is Surrender. It means to surrender to “whatever is” at the moment. It means to stop resisting and worrying and thinking.

It works, when I actually pay attention to it. I should start again. is a free email reminder that is sent at semi-unpredictable intervals and can serve the same purpose. I love it.

Why use a mindfulness reminder? Most people need these kinds of reminders to pay attention to their lives as they happen, not dwell on the past or forecast into the future.

The quality of this present moment will affect the rest of your life.

Be here, now.


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