Do it Here, Now

I took a walk to the hospital to visit a friend in long term care. The morning was bright and oppressively humid. My mind was restless. My thoughts wandered, ruminated and vexed most of the way. It wasn’t constructive thinking.

Yes, I should be present in the moment, I thought. But I let it go. I’ll be present at the hospital, where I can get a drink of water.

That’s when I noticed this poster for a local college:

Advertisement from Conestoga College

Advertisement from Conestoga College


Funny how that happens sometimes.

WHAT YOU DO HERE COUNTS OUT THERE: a jarring and timely reminder for me to put in the work here and now, so I can make it count when the situations matters.

Dig the well before you need the water, as the saying goes. If I wait for ideal conditions to be present, and for my mind to be still, then I will never truly embed those qualities into my personality.

Same with Rejection Therapy. Don’t expect to instinctively seize that choice opportunity if you’ve been living in the shadows all the time. Our minds have the amazing capacity to deceive ourselves and create fictional narratives.

If you need an excuse not to start playing Rejection Therapy, you will find one easily. Excuses are a dime a dozen.

If you want to be brave, social, assertive, forthright, then you’ll need to hardwire that behavior into your nervous system with practice in real-life situations. The Rejection Therapy 30 Day Challenge is a perfect way to do it.

Is Rejection Therapy hard? Yes. Is it worth trying? Only if you want to change your life.

Rejection Therapy Classic Edition


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