Be Ready To Shine

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We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training. ~Archilochus

Every aspiring boxer, at one point or another, has imagined having a shot at the title belt. He closes his eyes and can hear the pounding entrance music, the pop of fireworks, the roar of the crowd as he enters the arena. He visualizes the flashing cameras and expressions of adoration from his devoted fans.

It’s the big moment. His opportunity to shine.

You’ve probably done so too. Maybe your big opportunity is launching a business, or presenting an engagement ring to the person of your dreams, or confronting the boss about a promotion.

You visualize yourself bold under the pressure. You go for it, no matter the outcome.

That’s what Rejection Therapy is about, pushing past the fear and going for it, no matter the outcome. It’s about making things happen.  Seizing the moment.

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But Rejection Therapy is also about the journey.

Let’s look at the journey an aspiring boxer must take to earn a title fight. A boxer must first master the basics: footwork, defence, how to throw a punch without telecasting and leaving himself open, how to take a punch. Through repetition these movements become hardwired into the body so they become instinctual.

Think of the weeks, even months of training and sparing. The meticulous attention to diet and fitness. The mental preparation. And that’s even before the first fight.

Now think of the many fights he would need to log. Think of how many hard punches in the face and knee-bending kidney shots he’d absorb, how much of his own blood he would taste before earning the right to fight the champ.

Every sparring session and exhibition bout, no matter how insignificant it may seem, would need to be taken as seriously as a championship match. There is no other way to approach it.

It’s a journey that has to be taken. Without the early morning training, the sparring, pain, soreness, and inevitable anxiety before every fight, a boxer wouldn’t be mentally or physically prepared for such a big opportunity. If the pressure of the moment and the terrifying roar of the crowd didn’t stop him, the jarring power of the champ’s right hook would.

It would be a golden opportunity wasted.

Now look where you are right now, and where your big opportunity is. Have you taken the journey? Have you earned the right? Could you handle it?

To the aspiring entrepreneur: You want to start a business, but can you ask for a sale from a stranger right now?

To the lover: You want to present an engagement ring to the person of your dreams, but what if they decline? Could you take the rejection?

To the worker: You want a promotion, but if asking a co-worker out to lunch feels too awkward, shouldn’t you try that first?

Every opportunity, no matter how small, is important life experience. It’s your journey.

Practice getting out of your comfort zone. Hardwire into your body and mind the ability to take rejection and create opportunities. Make it instinctual.

Then, when your big moment arrives, you’ll be ready to shine.

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