Awaken Your Motivation In One Easy Step

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Act or Accept

Accept, in the context of this statement, it means to “tolerate” or “to endure without protest or reaction” the consequences of inaction. It means either you make your own future, or accept sloppy seconds – and accept it with a smile on your face.

For example, can you bravely accept the consequences of not exercising? If the answer is “No, I can’t accept the inevitable depression/self-loathing/high blood pressure that will result from not exercising”, then you must act.

You can ask yourself this question on a case-by-case, day-to-day basis. Act or Accept. It’s a good axiom to live by.

Action Proceeds Motivation

Another powerful phrase I want to share with you is action precedes motivation. You awaken the motivation inside you by doing something, anything, FIRST.

Wish you had a better social life? Get off the couch. Stop being so comfortable. A small action will break your stink-think mindset and create sparks of motivation.

Once you’re in motion, keep the momentum going with another action, however small, and so on and so on.

Sparks become a fire, motion begets momentum which in turn begets more momentum… until you become an unstoppable force hurling full speed towards your goal. Your success starts with a single act.

So go ahead. Make your move.

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