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Why You Should Write a Book

By June 26, 2014Thoughts

Before I set my mind down to write my story into a book, I wasn’t 100% sure about this decision, mainly because of the time commitment and opportunity costs. In fact, just after finishing 100 Days of Rejection, I could have turned this into many things: I could start a reality TV show, film a documentary, make a podcast, which I would love to do down the road. However, I chose to write a book, for many reasons. But here is the biggest thing: I know I would love doing it the most, I will be pretty good at it, and it will have an impact.

What happened after my decision was nothing short of amazing. I abandoned almost all my social life, both online and offline. I wrote, wrote and wrote. There were lots of coffee-binging, face-palming and hair-pulling. In the end, it was the most productive and creative eight months of my time writing this book.

I believe if YOU also have something to say, some thoughts to express, some wisdom to share, you should also write a book. For these reasons:

1. It forces you to think. In our hyper-connected social media ADHD world, who thinks anymore? It’s all about go go go, click click click, scroll scroll scroll. However, writing a book forces you to sit down and dig deep into your mind and soul, and shovel the most creative stuff out of yourself. It’s an amazing process that gets the best out of you.

2. It documents your life and story. We all have our stories and thoughts. If we don’t write them down, they are gone forever. By writing a book, you document what transpired in your life and in your brain, and forever leave a legacy for yourself in the world and in your family.

3. It inspires others. Yes, it really does. I am continually amazed by how many people tell me they can relate to my story, even though we don’t know each other at all. Just you know, every time you face a crisis, or discover something cool, or found a solution to a problem, someone else can also relate. Your book will inspire and help them, even if you don’t know them.

4. It moves you forward. Writing a book will propel you to the next stage in life. You will see things and experience events with much more clarity and purpose. It will also become your brand, like a business card. You can give to others as a gift, which brings credibility you shouldn’t have otherwise.

None of the reasons includes making a lot of money, because you probably won’t. And if you write with money as your number one goal, you will likely be disappointed.

What do you think? Ready to get down and write? If you do, feel free to reach out to me with your book idea.

  • Dale Jackson

    I concur wholeheartedly. Mind you, my books are contemporary fantasy. They’re still fun and I have a decent fan base.

    • Jia Jiang

      Great for you. Do you have a website I can visit?

      • Dale Jackson

        Sorry, just saw this. Best I can offer is my Facebook page, since the web site is still under construction.


  • Vernon Swanepoel

    Hi @jiajiang:disqus,

    I’ve been keen on your journey for a while now, though it’s been a while since I visited your blog, and would love to read your book.

    I am busy writing a book as well. Nothing special, it just relates to my work, but I’ve got a good block of time now to do it, and have just started to dig into it.

  • Shaz Jones

    I’ve written a couple of books. After my first book, I was ranked in the top 19,000 business and investing authors on Amazon … which sounds really sucky, because it is. But then I wrote a number one best seller on Amazon – which sounds a lot better, because it is. Any idea when your book is coming out?

  • Lahevi Center

    Yea, we can improve our ability especially in “writing skill”.
    In fact, it’s not easy like we see.
    But, it can be simple as long as we think it is simple to do.

    Well, there are many reasons to write, but if it hard to do, you can talk to the camera as youtuber/vlogger about anything.