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Rejection 71 – Change Coffee Shop’s WI-FI Password

“Stupidity talks, vanity acts” – Victor Hugo

“Stupid vanity sells” – Jia Jiang (just made up)

If people and corporations are willing to spend money buying vanity license plates or stadium naming rights, I wondered why coffee shops don’t sell Internet passcode to vain individuals or businesses with mis-allocated marketing budgets? Think about it, you walk into Starbucks, log in to WI-FI network, and are forced to type the passcode “JustDoIt”. Guess when next time your tennis shoes are worn out, which store will you go?

Before I sell this idea to Starbucks for $50 million, I went to a famous local coffee shop called Dominican Joe, trying to convince the barista to reset their WI-FI passcode for me as a rejection session.

As I mentioned in the video, Dominican Joe’s owner contacted me a couple of months ago on a sports message board call Clutchfans, asking if I could do a rejection session in his store. So I did.

This was probably the most confident feeling I had for a rejection session, mainly because I had the permission from the owner. Also, the barita lady was fantastic to chat with. She was engaging and curious. When she heard my request, she gave a big smile and asked why.

Being a huge fan of the word ‘why’, I always use the word when people reject my requests. It let’s me understand the underlying reason for a rejection, so I can negotiate  and address that reason.

Moreover, when people ask me ‘why’ before saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to my request, I feel being respected, and I always enjoy having the opportunity to explain myself.

Learning: 1. Confidence comes easily when I have an ally from the other side. 2. Using the title of Simon Sinek’s famous book, always Start with Why.

  • rojopaul

    Hmmm, now I’m curious to see what the owner thought of your session in his shop! And the barista is adorable. His/her company is in good hands with her running things.

  • Maker


    I recently stumbled upon you from your TED talk on youtube. What you do is very inspirational and I hope to God that I have the courage to begin a rejection therapy. I’m currently stuck in a rut looking for a graduate job. I’ve been to several inteviews, but to no avail. How do you keep positive and look towards success if all you get is rejection after rejection (thus developing a fear of rejection).

    p.s., good to see that you are on Clutchfans too. Go Rockets!,