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Rejection 52 – Be Like a Southwest Pilot

There are a few factors in a request: requester (who), requestee (who), request content (what), request delivery (how), and request context (where and when). Any one of these factors could determine the outcome of a request. My blog often focuses on request content and delivery, but sometime it is just as important who the requestee is.

In this case, it is Southwest Airline, to whom I already made a crazy request on day 19, when I asked to deliver the flight safety announcement. However, can they take on another one from? Today, after the flight I asked the captain to give me a tour of the cockpit.

After this episode, I feel I would get a ‘yes’ from Southwest no matter what I ask, as long as it’s legal and ethical.

Learning: Sometimes to whom we are making our requests makes a big difference in the outcome.

  • Leeanne

    On my flight home from England to Toronto (Pearson Airport) in 1993, I asked if I could sit in the cockpit for landing. The captain said he would call me over the speaker when it was time. I joked with the lady beside me that they needed me to land the plane. I was 16 years old. I sat with the pilot and co-pilot, and they offered me some candies to help my ears. I could hear all of the conversations between the pilots and the air traffic controllers – at the last minute we were re-directed to a different runway b/c the one we were headed for was under construction. It is such a different perspective sitting at the front as the nose pokes through the clouds and the runway is right infront of you. I wish I had it on film … I doubt they would allow such a thing anymore. Then again, you never know unless you asked.

    • Jia

      That’s a crazy experience that you would remember forever. After what happened on 9/11, I doubt this would be allowed. However, I don’t mind asking and not afraid to be turned down.