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Rejection 42 – Write an Article for Businessweek

I was very honored to have my 100 days of rejection therapy story written by Claire Saddath of Bloomberg Businessweek. Claire spent two days with me covering the story, during which I asked another outrageous yet audacious request – to write an article for Businessweek.

Although I got rejected, I do want to write better and hopefully a book about rejection someday.

Learning: inaction is a lot more fearsome than action. Just like the origin of my rejection therapy, when you want something and get rejected, that when real aspiration and improvement develop.

  • Codi

    W.O.W. I went back and watched your very first day, and I can tell that you are getting a lot smoother (I mean better and calm) with asking the rejections! You seem to be enjoying them a lot and you are finding neat things to do each day! The difference is incredible (also with camera skills and humor)!

  • Jonha Revesencio

    I agree with Codi. I find myself coming back because I knew there’s something new and I’ve seen how you’re getting better and better at handling rejections. I guess it comes with practice. You seriously need to install a third-party commenting app (as suggested on Twitter DM). – @jonharules