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Rejection 35 – Ask a Girl Out To Dinner

Rejection hurts, and the fear of rejection cripples. One of the most dreaded rejections comes from romantic settings, where people often associate rejection of the request (going out on a date) with rejection of the person. That’s why many people are very afraid to approach the opposite sex with romantic requests.

Based on how many people have requested that I randomly ask girls out as one of my rejection sessions, I believe you agree with me. However, since I am married with a kid, I will not do it as a date request. Rather, with my wife’s blessing and encouragement, I asked girls out for dinner with both my wife and me.

This was one of the requests that my desire leaned heavily toward a rejection, even though I had much fun in the process. The prospect of having dinner with a stranger is somewhat exciting, but could also be awkward. Since I had this concern as a requester, one can only imagine how tough it would be to get an acceptance from the requested.

In term of romance, although I am not a relationship or pickup expert, as a person in a blissful marriage, I gained some perspective in this request. Whether or not I get a ‘yes’ here doesn’t change the fact that my wife loves me and is very attracted to me. That’s really all that matters. Moreover, even in a hypothetical world where I still hadn’t met my wife yet, it still doesn’t change the fact there is a woman (my future wife), who is a perfect match for me, would love me and be attracted to me. I just haven’t met her yet. So even if I get rejected 100 more times, I shouldn’t be discouraged, because I simply need to keep looking to find my wife.

Learning: When you get turned down with a date request, don’t equate rejection with the idea that you are not attractive. You just haven’t met your match yet. Keep looking!

Because so many people have been inspired to also try out these rejection attempts on their own, I’ve put together a free downloadable PDF “100 Days of Rejection” checklist where you can go out and make these rejection attempts on your own! In the PDF I’ve also included my Rejection tool kit, which shows you the 5 most powerful ways to turn rejection into opportunity.
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  • Odette

    I love how positive and encouraging you are.

  • david

    When I was single I would get a yes 1 in 10 times. it was hard when younger 13yrs old but fun in mid 20 s by 25 it got to 1 in 5 was much easier to approach females. married for 15yrs now but the confidence built lasts a life time. Have fun with it. Thank you for you vids I love your idea.

  • rojopaul

    I love your enthusiasm with something that is really hard to do. I just wish we could’ve seen your beautiful wife. haha Enjoying your journey in Southern California!

    • Jia

      My wife didn’t come with me. I just showed the other person a picture of ours.

      • rojopaul

        aha, gotcha!

  • Jen

    Best video yet. Although in all honestly, if a man and his wife approached me for dinner, I would think they had alternative motives in mind… lol.

    • Dave

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, Jen.

  • sbecker

    Your videos are hilarious Jia, great idea!

  • MacPhellimey

    I think the “with my wife and I” probably freaked people out more than the “have dinner with me.” XD

  • Evan

    Lol “What are you selling” nothing.. “they do it in new zealand” “oh what part of NZ are you from?” “I’m not.”

  • Hugh

    Yah, go Kiwis! It’s good to know we are still human.

  • cmil

    Man, it was just weird. If you would have said, we are looking to expand our network of friends, it may have worked.