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Rejection 30 – Slide Down the Firepole at a Firestation

In one of my favorite song – Superman, by Five for Fighting, the lyric goes “even heroes have the right to bleed”. For firefighters, they bleed, sweet and risk their lives to save lives. Now, do they have the right to reject? I went into a fire station to test it out.

They say policemen are hated, and firemen are loved. You can easily find out why the ladder is true. Firemen have vehicle, thought not a tumbler; they have uniforms, though not a bat suit; they have tools, though not a utility belt; they have call signals, though not a bat light in the sky. But they are truly the real-world version of batman.

Learning: 1. showing someone your respect will go a long way before you make any request. However, don’t flatter or manipulate, be genuine and don’t go overboard. Everyone wants to be loved and respected, especially the people who risk their lives to keep you safe. 2. After we watch news where predominantly bad news are broadcasted, we sometimes ask ourselves, where have all the good people gone? Well, they are everywhere. When you have time, feel free to stop by a fire station and show your appreciation. Again, giving someone praise is beneficial to everyone.

  • anni

    why they would not let you? sorry, the youtube keeps cutting out (all the videos, not just yours). they were afraid you would have accident? anyway i admire firemen, it takes a lot of work and character to become one. site

    • Jia

      Really? I was almost certain they would reject me, because of the danger and lack of training for me. They would have to train me first, which they probably won’t.

  • anni

    also MERRY CHRISTMAS! if you do not celebrate then HAPPY HOLIDAYS! =D

  • Alan Leland Chan

    i think you should put your comment to the test when you said “policemen are hated, firemen are loved”. I know a few policemen personally and I love them very much. So I think you should have a request for the police station as well.

    • Jia

      Alan, I should have made it clear that I personally respect police officers just as much. Without them, our society would fall into chaos. However, I do believe this statement is true for the public sentiment. Think about it, most of the time you are chatting with a police officer, you are trying to avoid a speeding ticket. When you are talking to a fire fighter, he probably just saved your house from fire.

      By the way, I have a neighbor who is a police offer and I love him.