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Rejection 28 – Make a Sale For Best Buy

There are many things to be said about the demise of Best Buy, especially how online sites like Amazon are kicking its butt. However, I still go there once in a while, mainly if I need in-person help to choose a product. I have always felt advices from peers rather than from sales person are a lot more powerful. So I ventured into Best Buy on my 28th day of Rejection Therapy to offer their sales rep to help them making a sale.

Sean (#1) couldn’t stop trying to sell me products even I made my intention ample clear. I feel a good sales person would not force feed a message to a non-receptive audience.

Shawn (#2) however, either by design or chance, made a very smart move by changing the topic of the conversation from my request to my company. It in turn helped me to make a sale for my own product to him.

Learning: 1. One of most effective ways to reject someone, especially someone who is persistent like myself, is to defect the request by changing the topic. People are mostly interested in talking about themselves and their interests. So if you can get them talking, you have probably made a successful non-contentious rejection. 2. Sales is about knowing the customers and their needs. If the customers made it very clear what their needs are, don’t try to change their needs and force your message on them.

  • Debi

    I’m enjoying your videos and fun ideas very much. This one made me want to tell you to get some business cards! I would take you more seriously as a business owner if you had a more professional way of handing me your information. That said, I really hope that Shawn contacts you and tries your product! Keep up the good work, it’s great watching you change and grow through you experiences. =)

  • Dave

    I used to work at Best Buy. They don’t have any lengthy training, or any training at all rather than forcing the issue of (worthless) service plans and upsells. 🙂