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Day 22: Getting “Thai Torture” at Amy’s Ice Creams

When you were little, have you ever thought about funny things such as digging a hole through earth or inventing your own ice creams flavor? I tried the former at age 11, and the latter today. While the hole went two feet deep before my neighbor called my mom, I wanted to carry through the ice cream invention.

On day 22 of my rejection therapy, I went into Austin’s favorite Amy’s Ice Creams asking for “Thai Torture”, a flavor I made up and might patent someday.

Learning: I have learned by now that the first ‘no’ should almost never be the end negotiation/discussion. Many times, the other party need your help to collaborate on an alternative solution. Always keep your head cool, always keep your options open, always probe for more. You never know what you might discover in the end.

  • Matej Chrenko

    I am your big fan. Your videos are great!
    Can I ask you for something? (Without rejection 🙂 ) Can you create english subtitles for your videos, please? English is not my first language (and I doubt I am not alone). I understant written english, but I have sometimes problem with spoken english.

  • Kung


    Me too! I am also your big fan who have problem with spoken English as well.

    I love your idea of “Hope from Nope” very much… and..Just to let you know that ….
    I’m in Thailand and if you do visit here I would love to make “Thai torture” ice cream for you. 😀

  • Maria

    I really like your videos. I’m watching from S-Korea. Had to laugh when you asked about the Cholesterol. You are getting better at this with every video. You have become a regular at my house. Keep up the good work. You will be famous before you reach 100 days!!! My prediction for 2013.

  • Daniel C.

    Jia love what you are doing and that you are sharing your experiences with us, keep up the good work! I think a good, fun way to get some rejection would be to go to a apartment complex or two and see if they will let you spend the night in there model room. Keep it up.

    • Arielle

      Gosh I laughed so hard at this one, greeeeeeeeeeeat idea, I agree Jia you should try that one.

  • Arielle

    That is awesome, you really got where you wanted to go with this one, you are right about exploring the dialog and keeping at it. I think it is awesome that you are actually going to follow up and make your own flavor in their lab. Way cool, kudos to you.

  • King

    Awesome! They are playing NUJABES!! I have to go check this place out!

  • Maria

    What is the meaning of NUJABES?

  • Benen

    This looks like the best ice cream place ever!

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  • Moose

    Lol at bile vs coke haha