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Day 20: Jeff Probst Show

Jackie Braun (Krispy Kreme magician who wowed the world), Jason Comely (the inventor of the Rejection Therapy Game) and I appeared on the Jeff Probst show (Jeff is the host of the Survivor). I made my crazy request to Jeff during the show, which will air in Mid-December.

  • beautybrite

    Hi Jia,

    That is so awesome and exciting! It’s good to see Jackie again! I am following your blog and love reading your updates!

  • tim scott

    This is so cool . I look forward to see see what you did next. I am a wal mart associate for 21 yrs . This past weekend I was the store santa . If you want to feel terrific dress up a Santa . Some rejection not too many from kids . But from Parents.
    I have done for several yrs . Kids let you know what they want for christmas no holding back. Will hug you almost every time. Teen age kids too cool to admit they belive in santa .
    Special needs kids are the best the just so excited and they allmost always hug and kiss my cheeck.
    Still suprises me also is older ladies . Two yesterday had me in tears One had to send in my lap she told me she was 68 yrs old and had not sat in a mans laps for over 35 yrs since her husband passed away . The other women said she was 72 yrs. Sat in my lap and cried for she had never talked to Santa before and said that was all she wanted . Both of these made my day . I will never forget them . They did know me at all and was in my santa outfit. thanks I will keep watching for all 100 days.

  • AdaCoupons

    Did this ever air?

    • ada

      Found it here http://www.jeffprobst.com/posts/2526_100_days_of_rejection_therapy/index.html. What was your crazy request to him?

      • Jia

        This is the full episode: http://www.jeffprobst.com/posts/episode/2515_Danica_Patrick_Rejection_Therapy/postair.html

        It happened at the 42 minutes mark.