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Day 19: Make Announcement on a Southwest Flight

Rejection therapy is on the go. Flying out of Austin this morning, I asked Southwest employee Jeff if I could make the safety announcement before the flight takes off. When I tried similar things at Costco, I got a free meal. Now I’m trying this on a flight, the results floored me.

I hadn’t been this nervous for years. Not only I was making a public speech that probably very few other customers have ever attempted before, I did it on a plane where things could be perceived in a very wrong way. Listening to myself, I felt I spoke way too fast. It was a classic sign of nervousness and insecurity, as pointed out by Olivia Cabane’s fabulous book The Charisma Myth.

Learning: 1. Again, you just never know what might happen if you don’t ask. 2. When nervous, take a deep breath and slow down. You can gain so much confidence when you just slow down and pronounce every word clearly.

  • blb1313

    I’m surprised they let you do that! You must be exuding more confidence and people are more trusting of your intentions. I don’t agree that you spoke too fast. There are subconscious time constraints and no one wants to overstay their welcome. You did well. A huge congratulations on this one!

  • Stacy

    I am not surprised, since it was Southwest. If any airline would allow it, it would be them. All the employees seem to have a can-do attitude–I’m just sorry that you didn’t also say what you were doing with your blog.

    LOL @ Margaret Thatcher upgrade.
    I think Michelle Obama. Class, smarts, approachability–y’know?

  • Alan Leland Chan

    haha, southwest flight attendants are really chill and fun

  • Melissa

    I think you are your own toughest critic. You are doing great, and your confidence is growing with every video. You can see that you are getting really good at coming up with smart things to say on the spot. Thanks for making these! I look forward to them every day!

  • Ryan

    Awesome! That’s why I love Southwest, too.

    LOL. from Tina Fey to Margaret Thatcher.

    Great job Jia!

  • Marvin

    I also think you were way to tough on yourself. I also don’t think you were talking too fast. You sounded excited and happy which also made you come off as being very sincere.

  • Kyu

    This was, quite honestly, the most awesome one outside of the Krispy Kreme!

  • Brenda

    You are getting better and better as each day goes by….I always look forward to see what your next request is going to be…keep smiling and I hope that your confidence is getting better and better….I am proud of you and I dont even know who you are….keep up the great work…:)

  • Timothy

    Ehhh… Margaret Thatcher definitely downgrade

  • Codi

    Not only are you preparing yourself for rejection, but your putting yourself out there that no one else would do! You are choosing great ideas that most people wouldn’t dare to try! Keep up the great work!

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  • Tom

    Hah — awesome.