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Day 17: Borrow a Dog From the Humane Society

As a dog lover who isn’t in a position to adopt a second dog, I ventured into the Austin Humane Society to borrow one for a day.

This was one that I felt got away from me. Just like the car salesman, the lady kept saying ‘no’ without giving me a reason other than “we don’t do it here”. I should have asked why and hear her side of the story. If there was a reason, maybe I could have worked on the reason instead of the issue itself.

Learning: remember to ask ‘why’ after a ‘no’. Even if the rejection is for sure, it’s good to learn the reason behind the rejection.

  • Rita

    At the end of your hundred days, I suggest you list the learning from each experience. Your learning statements have really helped me as I go through my own “recovering from rejection” period.

  • Louis

    This one made me sad today. All those poor doggies just want someone to play with!

  • ed

    I love all those dogs, i am a dog lover, but i live in an apt. that i can’t have one šŸ™

  • AdaCoupons

    Oh gosh….the bonus footage is just like the Sarah McLaughlin (sp?) commercial. šŸ™ so so sad.

  • Bob

    She probably thought you wanted to eat it. HAHAHA I’m sorry had to get that racism out of my mind… This is a great project and very inspiring. good on you

  • Brandon

    The Humane Society is not just for dogs. They help all animals. If you can’t handle a dog, go get a cat/kitten, rabbit, ferret, parrot, etc.

  • Mike

    Didn’t you lie to get into the stranger’s back yard to play soccer? You said it was part of a school project šŸ˜‰

  • Jia Jiang

    I said it was a “special project”, not school project. My 100 days of rejection definitely qualified as a special project.

    I made it a guideline that I would never lie ithroughout my 100 days of rejection. Because lying would be not fun, but defeats the purpose.