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Day 15: Be a Live Mannequin at Abercrombie

I have received quite a few requests for me to try this idea out, so there I went. I offered to be a live mannequin at two different stores.

While I prepared to be rejected, I didn’t prepare the reason for rejection. But it only makes sense. A model needs to have the model look, just like a software engineer better knows how to code.

Learning: When rejecting someone, the attitude and reason can make a big difference. The third girl was so nice and personable, and how can anyone be mad at her?

  • blb1313

    You are showing a lot more confidence! I think you’ll have a handle on your fear of rejection long before your 100th video, but don’t let that stop you from doing all 100 days. I’m hooked.

  • Jamie

    I have a suggestion for your blog. Maybe tag/categorize your 100 Rejection Day posts (so they won’t be uncategorized). After your 100 days project is over, people can find those posts easier when you post other/unrelated topics and such. It’s just nice way to organize things too. Good luck on your journey 🙂

  • OKLabTech

    I have an idea… how about inviting a stranger to lunch? Or invite a stranger to sit with you during lunch?

  • potogreen

    I want to start by saying that I love this idea, and have watched all your videos, and will continue to watch your videos to see how you grow. Now that is over with, I understand that these interactions are difficult, but I really want to see you not interacting with salespeople, and people that are working. When people are at work their reactions are limited by what is allowed by their bosses. It feels at times that this blog is more about making customer service workers feel uncomfortable than it is about yourself.

    To wrap things up, I love the concept of a personal realization thing experiencing no’s and rejection and all that, that stuff is awesome. My only problem so far is that it seems that you are annoying people that are working for minimum wage, or making them feel uncomfortable because if they do not act correctly they get fired.

    You need to stop walking into businessess and filming people working, and start filming people on the streets. not only will you not jeopardize peoples jobs, but you will get a more genuine reaction.

    • MissGrace

      I am in complete agreement with Potogreen. I love the idea and intention of this project but you need to expand.

      Having worked with the public for years and presented with many odd request, most people will not get a genuine responds from me while at work. Its my job not to pass judgement on what they ask for. I treat each person the same and send them away feeling content.

  • Erin

    I think you should try this again sometime, but make it clear that you are not looking for a JOB, you just want to do it for a while…like half an hour!

  • Juan Carlos Reynoso

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    • Jia

      I’m a big fan of Cialdini. Thanks!

  • Chari

    lol, I love what you said at the end… too funny! This project is just full of surprises!

  • blb1313

    I’m sure Jai will branch out, but rejection can come from anywhere. I know his surface goal is to be rejected and to inure himself to it, but the deeeper point is being able to move toward something without letting your fear get in the way. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. People with a true fear of rejection do not move forward and will never know if they would’ve succeeded. I don’t think his “failure” (having his requests granted), are really failures. He overcame his fear and proceeded to make his request and that is the point.
    I’m glad he’s going into businesses since that is where most of our daily interactions take place. He did do a couple already that weren’t: taking the #1 spot in line at Best Buy, giving people on the street $5, and asking to play soccer in someone’s backyard. I think he has a good mix going.

  • blb1313

    ^That was suppose to be in reply to POTOGREEN’s comment.