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Day 13 Rejection Therapy: Take an Unregistered Exam

When I saw how hard my wife prepared for her Project Management exam, I got seriously jealous. After driving her for 4 hours to Dallas to take the exam, I decided to do it too myself, cold.

Respectful, though incredulous, she was a very nice lady.

Learning: 1. OK, this is it. Not only I couldn’t hide the camera successfully, she was constantly peeking at it. I am buying some new equipment. Thank you for your suggestions.

2. Looking back, I could have offered some alternatives, such as taking some other exams there that didn’t have this much restriction. Or get a printed version and try it out.

  • Garnet

    great thinking, you are getting creative now, I like that

  • wordcoaster

    I feel like I have to let you know that I love your videos and your blog! You are hilarious and each video is very enjoyable; it’s wonderful to see how people react to the questions. Glad to hear you’re getting a new camera–I hope it works! I wonder if eventually even with the hidden camera people will recognize you (are you that famous yet?) Look forward to more daily surprises–best of luck 🙂

  • Stephanie Miller

    Love your blog, good luck with everything!

  • Debbie Swan

    What happened to Day 12?

    • Debbie

      I am with you I don’t see it either. I love comming home to see the videos. I tell others about your quest. Good luck wit it. :)Deb

  • Guy with balls

    Hello, son.This whole rejection therapy is not working.Count how many times did you say ‘like’, because I can’t count up to such a high number.You were very nervous and insecure.I would’ve just walked in like a boss and say “it’s ok” if anybody questioned me on my way and keep walking confidently.This is how you grow balls.Step your game up, dawg!

  • ibrainedmydamage

    LOL.. leopard mom sounds like ‘leper’ mom

  • Z80A

    …hmmm, something odd with those watches; there’s a time difference of at least one hour between the front office and the office behind it! And you can take a project management exam there? Couldn’t he