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Krispy Kreme, Give Jackie a Raise!

By November 26, 2012Rejection Attempts

I started this Rejection Therapy project to toughen my mind, but Jackie at Krispy Kreme softened my soul. If everyone in the service industry is like Jackie, the world would be a much, much better place.

Now, we need to make sure Krispy Kreme rewards her for her extraordinary act of kindness as well as the publicity generated. Please like this page.

  • billy king

    How about you give her a job?

  • joe

    you are doing great on your therapy! very interesting, im excited about watching the next 80 days!

  • Melody Rae

    Keep up the good work! Must be hard to stay on task with these requests every day. I’m a photographer and couldn’t manage to do a photo a day and I think that was alot less time consuming/ thoughtful. Hugs from Amsterdam!X

  • SYED

    Jakie has shown what everyone should show, respect, patience, commitment (when she googled for colors), determination and efforts all topped with love for her JOB (she enjoys doing i guess). Hats off to you Jakie>>>

  • Steve

    Jackie just blew my theory of “Customer Disservice” in America right out of the water. Way to go!!! Actions like this makes me want to rush out and buy a dozen Krispy Kremes. But then again, what doesn’t. 😉

  • Dorothy

    Wow, I want Jackie on my team. Bravo Zulu to Jackie! I will make a point of seeing her and shaking her hand in person next time I’m in Austin, that is if another company hasn’t snagged her already.

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  • Jenay Brooke

    What a great employee Jackie is! Everyone employer should have workers like her. She is a great representative of Krispy Kreme.

  • Kelly

    Jia Jiang,

    I think there is a deeper lesson in what happened to you that day. I understand your quest to overcome your fear of rejection, and yet this lady shows you the opposite. For me, fear of rejection is because I’m afraid my feelings of worthlessness will be confirmed. So what I see here is that God, Goddess, Buddha, Yahwah, Allah, The Great Spirit or whatever you may call it… is showing you something much deeper. Consider it….

    Also, you have a great sense of humor! Enjoyed the whole video immensely.

  • royce

    makes me want to get a doughnut!

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