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Day 11 Rejection Therapy: Learn Sales From the #2 Car Salesman in the Country

It’s hard to meet #2 in the country in anything, whether it’s Joe Biden or The Patriots. However, I met the self-claimed #2 ranked salesman in the country on my 11th day of Rejection Therapy. An entrepreneur needs to know how to sell. If I can’t learn sales from the best, I certainly want to learn from the second best.

This is one is a little tricky because I don’t know how his words will be perceived. If it’s negative, I don’t want to affect him personally, so I blocked out his face.

Learning: I feel the reason for his rejection is completely valid, although it was told a little bit harshly. If I face the same situation, when I’m too busy for someone’s request, I might try to offer an alternative like Jeremy did at Fedex. I might try to say “sorry I can’t do that because of _____. However, I know a couple of sales books that are really good…”

  • Jack Cramer

    Jia, excellent project you have here. Very well done. Keep it up!

  • Ginobli

    He didn’t want his crooked tactics getting revealed. lol.

  • Dottie

    I would say that’s why he’s so far up the ladder….and that’s why he has no time for you. He’s just too busy making money, sad. There’s alot more fulfilling things in this world than money. Jesus loves You!

  • Dottie

    2 IDEAS: ask to be part of a magic show, and ask a Funeral Director to ‘try out’ some coffins πŸ™‚

  • Sam

    If you found the #1 car salesman and asked to follow them around, they’d probably say yes, and you’d end up with a new car an hour later.

    • Luke

      Too True!

  • happy

    you should find the #1 sales guy. then u will know why is he #1 when he says yes. LOL

  • Jheri Curl

    This dude is #2 in the country? Who measures that? I’m not buying it, he’s self-proclaimed as such, lol.

  • Henk Dawson

    You blog is awesome! it’s funny, informative and enteresting! The humor reminds me a bit of Paul Rosa – check out this book http://www.amazon.com/Idiot-Letters-Paul-Rosa/dp/038547508X

  • Debbie Swan

    Jia, I have really enjoyed your rejection therapy project. I am curious, does any of the people that you have spoken to at any point know that you are working on rejection therapy. And I’d like to say that you a very brave guy to do this. Good Luck. I am very sure you will be a success in whatever you do in life. Have Fun. – Debbie Swan

  • Artur

    When I can come so u can show me? Just after that it would be a valid rejection, imo

  • Stacey Schaller

    Hey Jia.

    I don’t know if you get these, but I have been learning from one of the top salesmen in the country and he IS willing to teach. πŸ™‚ If you get this and want to know who it is, let me know. I’ve only been learning from him for a month and I can already see a difference. πŸ™‚

    And thank you very much for your blog. It is very inspirational, especially for those of us who fear rejection.