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Day 10 Rejection Therapy: Listen to Happy Birthday Song When It’s Not My Birthday

When celebrating birthday, having a bunch of people singing Happy Birthday to you is still the coolest part. Now, who says you can only get that treatment on your birthday? I am trying to test this theory at Cheesecake Factory by asking them to sing the song to me when it’s not my birthday.

Learning: 1. I need to hide my camera better; 2. The request, though off-the-wall, is not that tough. Looking back, I’m not sure if it’s tougher to say ‘yes’ or say ‘no’, when all they need to do is to do what they do everyday, just under different circumstances. I will ask them to do something they don’t normally do next time.

  • Akinata

    May be the manager visited your blog and he knew who you are, and know your have a camera! 😀

    • Jia

      The odd of that happening a week ago was like a random guy in Kansas winning the Japanese lottery.

  • Karen Anliker

    Loved this one! I was impressed with the staff all willingly singing and not snickering at you because it was such an “odd” request.

  • Vic McCracken

    Awesome project! Okay, here are a few request ideas for you:

    (1) Go to a furniture store and ask if you can spend the night in one of their king-size beds.

    (2) Visit a local department store/mall Santa Claus and ask if you can take over for him during his break (or perhaps be his elf sidekick).

    (3) Bring a Texas A&M flag to the University of Texas President’s office and ask him if someone can take a picture of you waving the flag from atop the university tower.

    (4) Go to a custom portrait studio during the holiday season and ask a customer family if you can be included in their family portraits.

    (5) Go to the Texas State Capital building and ask your local representative for permission to sit in his seat in the next legislative session. Tell him that you are even willing to deliver a speech in his place.

    Those are a few ideas! My family will be following your blog regularly until the conclusion of your project.

  • Ginobli

    That one was pretty awkward. lol. Those are the best ones.

  • Sankar L

    Hey – seems like you are having fun. All the best! Here is a suggestion: can you goto a bus driver, tell them they look tired and ask if he or she would let you drive the bus for few minutes

    • Jia

      The problem is that I can’t do it. I would be putting lives at risk if he said ‘yes’.

  • Jheri Curl

    That was an ODD-BALL request, hah hah.

  • K

    Ask for a free haircut.
    See if you can get a free bouquet of flowers.
    Ask if you can have a towel from a hotel.
    Ask if you can have a free fish from a pet store.

  • RedVelvet

    Very interesting! I was watching a few days with my son (10) and regarding the Cheesecake factory he commented that he would be “so scared” to do that…I told him I think that’s the whole point, LOL. We’ll keep watching, awesome way to overcome your fear of rejection. I agree that a more concealed camera will definitely benefit you on future experiments!

  • Felixa

    I second this idea, it would be really fun. And if you get the right family, they will definitely say “yes”. (4) Go to a custom portrait studio during the holiday season and ask a customer family if you can be included in their family portraits.

  • Mory Channel

    off-the-wall, sometime it’s necessary to make life exciting!…. and i think that’s a great idea! thanks so much, blogger!

  • jiyoung

    Oh mo gosh… Everytime i watch this video, it makes surprise me. Jia! you are amazing!