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Day 9 Rejection Therapy: Send Stuff to Santa Claus Through Fedex

I’m sure a lot of kids send letters to Santa Claus asking for gifts. Have you ever shipped stuff to Santa, so someone who might need can get it? I am going to give it a try at Fedex. If anyone can do it, it’s Fedex!

I enjoyed the conversation, and Jeremy also had fun… Frankly, I think the idea cracked him up. I really liked Jeremy. Fedex has very high quality employees who know how not to take things too seriously.

Learning: if I can get someone laughing, then the negotiation likely won’t turn heated, regardless of the final outcome. I also have huge respect for people who can offer alternative solutions, instead of just saying ‘no’.

  • thegreatcakereview

    This whole idea is really good and really interesting, I would like to hear weekly/monthly reviews about how you think you’re changing during the process, that’d be great.

    I have to ask two questions though, how do you hide your camera? and also, what is that little semi circular floating dot thing that appears in the past couple of videos??

    • Jia

      Thanks for the feedback. I will do a review soon.

      I tried all kinds of ways to hide my phone – in shirt, in a pouch, in hand pretending to listen to music, you name it.

      I’m not sure about the dot. Will go to apple store and have them look at it.

  • Oli

    Great idea for a YouTube series. Amazing to see how people react to social boundaries and expectations being played with. Keep up the good work!

  • Richard Rowlands

    Yeah, I also want to know: how are you hiding your camera? And in your Costco video you had the camera stationary while it filmed you. Did you have somebody else holding it and filming you or did you set it up on a wall somewhere?

    Thanks, saw you on reddit, love the videos.

    • Jia

      My wife held the phone for me at the end of the Costco video.

  • R

    Why not just to the Santa Clause post office in Indiana?

    Santa Claus Post Office
    45 North Kringle Place
    Santa Claus, IN 47579

    Love these by the way, proving there are still some people with good hearts and humor (loved the Krispy Kreme donuts one.)

  • fuggie

    You can in Canada!

    Santa Claus
    North Pole
    H0H 0H0

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  • UdonNo

    you lucky i wasnt the guy on line behind you…

  • Mory Channel

    it’s so Ă­nsteresting!……… have fun have experience!