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Day 6 Rejection Therapy: Play Soccer in Someone’s Backyard

I can’t remember the number of times I booted a soccer ball into someone’s backyard and had to either run away or knock on a stranger’s door to retrieve the ball, all the while fearing death. To get rid of that nightmare and overcome my fear once and for all I wore my hidden camera and knocked on some random guy’s house asking to play soccer in his backyard. The result was a huge surprise.

Learning: I found that when making a crazy request like this, confidence is important, and the other person can sense it immediately. If I give the aura that I know what I am doing, the chance of being accepted is much higher. And he might just say ‘yes’ because it’s “so off the wall and how can I say ‘no’ to that?”

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  • Luke

    You had to have been sweeting it waiting for what seemed like an eternity for that dumb door to open!

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  • Terry

    It’s so off the wall how can I say no! Love that answer!