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Day 3 Rejection Therapy – Ask for Olympic Symbol Doughnuts. Jackie Delivers!

It’s only my third day and I have already failed but I did so with such amazement and happiness.  I expected a rejection but did not get one. I am officially a fan of Jackie at Krispy Kreme.

Because so many people have been inspired to also try out these rejection attempts on their own, I’ve put together a free downloadable PDF “100 Days of Rejection” checklist where you can go out and make these rejection attempts on your own! In the PDF I’ve also included my Rejection tool kit, which shows you the 5 most powerful ways to turn rejection into opportunity.

Click here to download the 100 Days of Rejection PDF Checklist!

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  • e.p.

    Did u contact km and tell them she went above and beyond?

    • e.p.

      I meant okay: krispy kreme

  • bigzaqui

    hope in humanity restored!

  • Jim

    If I had a business, and Jackie applied for a job, I would hire her on the spot. Way to go!!!

  • vamapaull

    That is amazing!
    Jackie, you are an amazing person!

  • Patti

    Jackie should move up into management at Krispy Kream! Wow.

    • Jheri Curl

      Yeah, she should be running things! Liked the Facebook page for her…..awesome!

  • E

    Thanks. I will now follow a blog for the first time in my 25 years of earth existence. Maybe you’ll start a new Viet Cong haircut trend…one day.

    Thanks friend, we’ll all be watching.

    this video was special for me because I had a similar experience with someone working a low income job truly go above and beyond for no reason just today:

    Stopped by walgreens to pick up one of those cassettes to MP3 converters for a road trip after thanksgiving. I went to the electronics section couldn’t find it, so i asked an employee next to me. She then goes in to a story about how they used to have them, but they must be out or discontinued. Then, without even skipping a beat she says something like “You could just have mine, I have one in my car that I don’t use anymore” she then lead me to her car where she gave me the cassette. I offered her money and she wouldn’t take it. She left with a handshake instead. I was so in shock over her random act of kindness I didn’t even get her name, or let her know how much it really meant to me. It was the single nicest thing a stranger has done for me in quite some time.

    • Jeff Evans

      Love your story!

  • mw023

    I watched this and was like WOW!!! But if you think about you were rejected. You were trying to get rejected and by not geting rejected by her she rejected your quest at getting rejected. LOL. That is confusing. Good luck on the rest of your journey

  • haleynelsonHaley

    What a wonderful lady! I hope she is greatly rewarded 🙂

  • Ratatosk

    Holy crap! Now THAT’S what I call customer service, Bravo, Jackie!

  • DJ

    Hi Jia. More than a raise, and putting your mad MBA skills to work, what Jackie deserves is a bonus. I say to Krispy Kreme, give her 50% of what it would have cost to execute such a PR coup. A simple raise just won’t cut it when one looks at the amazing PR that Jackie has generated for the Krispy Kreme company. Kudos to you Jia, and to Jackie, you have elevated our faith in human kind and in the quality of Krispy Kreme’s employees.

  • Nathan K Smith

    That is freaking awesome! Jackie is the most customer service friendly person I have every seen! Definitely needs a promotion!

  • Random Citizen

    FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED. Hope she gets all the attention she deserves. I wanna give her a hug

  • Spinachgeek

    Which Krispy Kreme was it in Austin? I want to write to them how awesome she is!

  • Lela

    You should ask someone if you can shave their head for them and ask them to shave your head as well. If they need a reason tell them it’s in support of people going through chemo. If you fail at least you won’t have a bad hair cut anymore. 🙂

    • Jheri Curl

      Heh heh! How about those two Indy Colts cheerleaders who buzzed their heads after $100K was raised for cancer research to honor the HC who’s battling chemo? They both still look gorgeous!

  • Hipster4hip2implants

    Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Krispy Kreme is headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC. I hope Jackie gets promoted!

  • henbre2HenrikB

    This is amazing customer service! Right of the starting block she’s all about giving the customer 100%. She is meant for greater things – hopefully you’ve helped her more than you know. Recruiters watch these kinds of films 🙂

  • harrisk676

    She should get a raise, promotion, company car, a bonus, and a free weeks vacation!!!

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  • Alexis

    Where are the rest???

  • Chip

    This was a great video, My question is did Jackie know you where filming her? did you tell her afterwards? and did you ask for her permission before putting this on the internet?

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  • Dwight

    Dude, you did not show the donuts! All the suspense and no payoff! You gotta work on presentation too. Also important in the field of business

    • Jia

      It’s at the end.

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  • Mr Anonymous

    Loved your editing 🙂

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  • Fernando da Silva Costa

    Why there’s no comments here? I can’t understand. This was awesome! When my startup sucedds I will contract Jackie for VP of CRM.

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  • mark

    What is most fantastic about this is that it demonstrates the main lesson of the game. There can be no worthwhile success without at least some risk. When we risk rejection, we open ourselves to the possibility of triumph.
    Jackie also risked failure and rejection. She started off completely out of her element, but still tried. Jang could have been critical of how the rings turned out, (and I am sure she knew that) but she took the risk and produced triumphant olympic doughnuts, and in so doing, she made his day.
    She also exemplified a critical truth: Great things await us when we risk being rejected.

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  • Aleksei

    What an amazing video and what an amazing lesson in life! Thank you Jiang and thank you Jackie.

  • Niepodważalna

    Love her so much! I worked recendly with a lot of people and at this point I can say there is a bunch of assholes on this world. Thats why I love her kindness even more 🙂
    Sorry for the bad English

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  • Hajer Al Sabei

    Wow so brave!! I laughed so hard at the idea of your project, but I guess the one that makes me laugh is the best. Thank you.

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  • Arador

    This is great, humans are awesome.

    • Jia

      Thank you! We as a species can do both great and terrible things. 🙂

  • Piotr Siatkowski

    This moment when you aim to be rejected, but suddenly this happens… faith in humanity restored 🙂 And it was your 3th day… this seems to be not that hard after all.

  • AJ Mackey

    Well Dia III in the bags!

    I was rejected and unable to get my specialized donuts but the server was super duper helpful!!
    He gave me like two ways that I could get the donuts. He even suggested another company/bakery that could potentially make the donuts for me!

    Day IV…. Let go!!!